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Bilal is the name of the first Muslim African to go and spread the word of Allah and the Koran to Africa
Bilal was a good man.
by Shane December 11, 2004
Bilal - The man, the pimp, the gigalo, the great friend and a souljah. A combination that amaze neone. A person of many friends both male and female. People are just drawn to the charisma of this person. This name should be vauled and elevated to greatness. Name every boy child that you ever conveive this name.
Bilal (me) - the only true example of the true potential hiden within this name
by Bilal January 19, 2004
The Hottest Pakistani Man you will ever meet.
One you go BILALYou never go BLACK
by Bilal March 15, 2004
A truly Brilliant man with a vibrant personality and amazing good looks (and very lovely green eyes). Despite being very empathetic, caring and loving Bilals are very guarded with their own emotions. Bilals are social creatures and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Everybody loves Bilals as they are hilariously funny and very easy going creatures. Bilals are creatures of the sea and take pleasure in any water based activities. Unfortunately sometimes Bilals underestimate their abilities despite being very exceptional. Bilals make great husbands, brothers, and friends. They are very loyal and reliable creatures by nature. If you ever meet a Bilal count your blessings and hold on tight - you may never get another opportunity.
I once met a Bilal - Suffice to say I married him.
by CinnamonTea January 20, 2014
Bilal's are usually tall and from Nigeria. There are great friends, and will do anything for there bros. Evens if that means keeping watch for there bro while him and his girl are upstairs. Bilal's are funny and charming. But usually obsess over one girl, that most likely will never get with. If you have a Bilal in your life, don't lose him!
Girl #1 - "Who's the tall guy?"
Girl #2 - "Isn't he from Nigeria?"
Girl #1 - "He must be a Bilal?"
by hehehehed January 20, 2013
-Turkish for man of many inches

-a turkish prince.
That singer from blue monday completely wanted bilal's ass
by guy smiley May 02, 2003
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