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The absolute cutest girl in the world.
Daaaaamnnn Sadaf u cuuute
by BiLal September 25, 2003
Bilal - The man, the pimp, the gigalo, the great friend and a souljah. A combination that amaze neone. A person of many friends both male and female. People are just drawn to the charisma of this person. This name should be vauled and elevated to greatness. Name every boy child that you ever conveive this name.
Bilal (me) - the only true example of the true potential hiden within this name
by Bilal January 19, 2004
the coolest kid in town
the girl next door is safa
by Bilal November 23, 2004
The Hottest Pakistani Man you will ever meet.
One you go BILALYou never go BLACK
by Bilal March 15, 2004
When new sneakers are purchased and causes the user to be extremly hesitant about doing anything that would mar his/her new shoes' perfection. Then one day, BAM!. To the owners dissatisfaction, the shoes become slightly stained, or a little part becomes discolored. It is at this moment the syndrome is over, and the user's world returns to normal. Puddles are jumped in, and grass stains are welcomed as battle scars.
Bilal is suffering from new sneaker syndrome.
by Bilal April 17, 2004
a name of this kid who is extremely good looking and really cool.
man i wish i could be like bilal chaudhry!
by bilal January 31, 2005
beat ya to it
by Bilal February 17, 2003

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