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A false promise to reimburse someone cash for buying a product. Originally from the term re-bait which means to lure or trick someone over and over again. In order to make a product seem less expensive, some manufacturers offer a rebate of cash if you buy their product and them follow vague and difficult instructions that involve cutting things out, stapling things together, photocopying, mailing or shipping items and them waiting six months for a check that never comes. If the company really wanted you to save money, they would just have a promotional sale.
I wonder what happened to my rebate?
by robin graves February 21, 2004
A homosexual male who loves to be covered with man-gravy jism.
Harold is a total gravy boy
by robin graves February 21, 2004
The exact opposite of a hard on.
To lose one's erection or sexual urge.
A deflation of the penis due to an unsavory experience or sight.
Also spelled hardoff, hard-off
See also boner-killer
Rosie O'Donnell gives me a hard off.
by robin graves February 21, 2004
A hideous, gargley voiced,snaggle-toothed creature with tribal tits that resembles the hawaiian punch guy after chernobyl.
The skexis has a mysterious rust colored toothbrush in its car.
by Robin Graves January 25, 2003
Somewhat derogatory term for an attractive Mexican female
Rosarita is a taco belle
by robin graves February 21, 2004
An individual who can actually reverse an erection. Someone sexually unattractive.

See also hard off
Oprah Winfrey is a boner-killer
by robin graves February 21, 2004
1. Slang for tampon.
2. A disparaging word to describe a female in anger or disgust, see bitch or cunt
see also cunt rag
Stacy is a dirty twat rag.
by robin graves February 21, 2004
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