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correct physiological term "perineum", or area between anus and ballsack
Tickle me bifkin again Mike.
by Lionel Wildfowl January 06, 2003
1) the area between one's genitals and one's anus

2) The bit between christmas and new year.
I'm dreaming of a white Bifkin
by colditz December 23, 2013
The soft wrinkly skin between you ball sack and anis.
A man without legs scoothes his bifkin
by Wazoo August 19, 2003
The section of tissue often covered with pubic hair, situated between the scrot and the anus.
Shirley what the fuck are you doing? You kicked my right in the bifkin!Bass come ere and massage my bifkin.
by paddy September 24, 2003
The space between one's anus and genitals.

Also perineum, gooch, chode, ABC (anus-balls connection).
Dude, I was shaving my bifkin the other day, And I sliced part of my ballsack.
by WantMyBifkin? June 08, 2009
brins favorite plce 2 masage ooooooo thats nice
mmmmmm my bifkin is ull cummy
by wudint you like 2 no June 09, 2004
the piece of skin between one's balls and arsehole. also known as guch
that kid i know got a pen stuck in his bifkin and lost a shitload of blood...nice...
by ciaran February 12, 2004
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