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Space between ur wiener and ur asshole.
After having sex , my guch was all sweaty so I made that bitch lick it dry.
by spezza_havlat January 18, 2006
the area between ur nutters and asshole
Too bad i got this guch ring...riding a bike really hurts
by chris redman December 26, 2005
1. Good, favorable (also spelled gooch, gutch, gootch, gukt).

2. Can also be used in sarcasm
1. A guch bunty is the opposite of lunty or fuckty. It is one you want to jam.

2. Lost your phone? GUCH!
by nice and guch December 28, 2009
the space between the wangalang and the anus
my gooch just fell off man, you go on without me ill catch up when i can find some wood glue.
by esteban bag October 17, 2004
See "grundle"
You have a hairy guch.
by Sam Stein November 19, 2002
The abbreviation of Gucci.
Stop spraying your Guch perfume on me!!
by Aynonaymus February 17, 2010

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