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3 definitions by ilovemybifkin

Fencey Fencey : A game of kings.

Paper Scissor stone finds out who kicks off, then u boot a ball around a tennis courts, and the ball is not allowed to touch the ground before hitting the walls of the arena.

If the ball stops rolling, or bounces before hitting the wall, the other player gets a point.

Much banter must be had whilst walking and wiggling arms
Hmm, another free period? A game of fencey fencey perhaps?
by ilovemybifkin June 27, 2004
3 1
Bifskin is a game of skill invented on Detling showgrounds. One person stands in the middle with two bats, whilst people throw frisbees at him. If it hits him, he is out and the person who hit him goes in the middle
Let's go play some bifskin, I'll beat you
by ilovemybifkin June 18, 2004
4 4
Your bifkin is the skin between your balls and ur ass. created by Jake Wyatt, spread through detling. Nice to hear u've all heard of it!
See also - bifskin
Hey, stop licking my bifkin
by ilovemybifkin June 18, 2004
6 16