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The process of cutting off a male's genitals.
I'll castrate you with a chicken's beak if you say pwn is pronounced "pween" one more time.
by Joseph September 18, 2004
The act of pointing your middle finger at someone meaning "fuck you." See also flip off
Did you see that? He was about to flip the bird!
by Joseph July 29, 2004
one who is nice to all
You sure acted like a haleigh when you complimented everyone in that room.
by joseph December 29, 2004
Chilling and relaxing.
He was just chillaxing at his place last night.
by Joseph June 06, 2003
1. Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol - The active ingredient in cannabis or marijuana, that gets a user stoned.

2. Turkey Ham and Cheese - A sandwich that consists of turkey ham and cheese

3. The History Channel - A TV channel which generally airs programs on history.
1. There is THC in weed!

2. Man, I need a THC sandwich right now!

3. Im watching THC on TV.
by Joseph May 29, 2006
(n) Breasts of a female human, especially those of a larger variety
"She has YABOS that would make a trappist monk scream yahoo."
by Joseph November 28, 2003
Past tense (imperfect) of the verb, "jizz"
Tommy jizzed on Pat after stroking it
by Joseph February 08, 2005
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