sexiest hockey player in the game today
damn that guy is almost as hott as bertuzzi
by April 29, 2005
An awesome player for the Vancouver Canucks who, me being a big fan of him and that team, I can admit that he fucked up bad and he wasn't thinking. He also deservedly paid the price for the incident, as did Steve Moore. This ugly incident will be all that he is remembered for outside of Vancouver for a long time, much like how Bill Buckner is mostly remembered for his error in the 1986 World Series.

Bertuzzi has emerged into a superstar in the NHL, and I hope he can be reinstated after all this trial bullshit and lockout crap ends. I still proudly wear his jersey, much like a lot of people in my city.
All true Canucks fans proclaim "Free Bertuzzi!"

When Bertuzzi gets booed when the Canucks play in Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, or Colorado, I actually think it's great and it fires him up.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
Power forward in the NHL, currently playing as a Canuck. He eats away salary cap for the Canucks, thus killing any chance of the Stanley cup. A great player, but always gets booed when he gets the puck, when hes not in Vancouver. Was suspended for 17 months. (Because of lockout, he isnt on the world record.) Has never regained his form since the 02-03 season. Is one of the toughest players around.
Bertuzzi's Salary: 5.337 mil a year.. on pace for 67 points.. eats up cap space, is in a slump. He needs to be traded, but Nonis didnt trade him.
by RyPe March 17, 2006
To make a mistake like every other human being does.
I made a bertuzzi today, I broke the plate while washing the dishes, but I told mom the truth and she forgave me.
by tru August 26, 2004

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