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Sexual Assault Expected
Guy: Hey, wanna go to the SAE party tonight?

Girl: No thanks, I don't really feel like being raped tonight.
by Specialist January 28, 2004
Muncher, Munch, Munches, Munchers. An individual or group of homosexual nature (male or female). A shortened term stemming from phrases such as "carpet muncher (reffering to lesbians)" And "Pillow munchers - referring to homosexual men".
During pride week the street was full of munchers. That dude was wearing the tightest shirt without sleeves bro....I think he's a munch.
by Specialist July 03, 2004
To deliver a devastating cheap shot from behind.
I never could've beat that guy in a fair fight, so I Bertuzzied him instead. He's still in the hospital.
by Specialist April 20, 2004
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