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To belt a woman's face with your erect dick.
That chick's just asking for a cock whipping!
by Wordup November 07, 2003
Bengali for orgy.
Sagnik, Myork, bathtime!
by Wordup November 19, 2003
1. To impetuously sneak up behind someone and deliver a malicious, often life-threatening blow.

2. To McSorely someone without the use of a stick.
In response to his attack on Canucks captain Marcus Naslund, Steve Moore was viciously Bertuzzied in General Motors Place.
by WordUp March 11, 2004
An empty masculine platitude meaning nothing at all.
J: If I don't get laid by the end of the year there's gonna be big trouble!"
by Wordup November 10, 2003
A vulgarization of "shrubland"
An underappreciated gem of a joke
See also It's not a cardboard cut-out! and Karma Sutra
Geography Teacher: "Ok, boys, open ur books to page 33. We're studying shrublands today..."
Andrew: "Shlobland!"
Everybody: *Laugh out loud*
Prav (consumed by jealousy): "Gaaard! That was a sad joke!"
Andrew: "What? Didn't you hear everybody laugh?"
Prav: "Sorry, man, i was just jealous. Actually, those other jokes u made that i claimed were sad were also really funny. I'm sorry, but i get a bit envious of ur comic prowess occasionally and feel a need to put other people down. I'm a piece of shit.
by Wordup November 20, 2003
A tiny dick.
Two inches of steel.
Sags claims the title of official schoo small from pravs.
by Wordup November 07, 2003
To mumble something incoherent.
That bum was sooo shamada shamada!
by Wordup November 07, 2003

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