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To belt a woman's face with your erect dick.
That chick's just asking for a cock whipping!
by Wordup November 07, 2003
40 15
Bengali for orgy.
Sagnik, Myork, bathtime!
by Wordup November 19, 2003
8 4
an awesome city
that loser fuckrap lives in a shack down by the river, he doesnt live anywhere near a city or Buffalo for that matter
by wordup September 08, 2003
120 119
1. To impetuously sneak up behind someone and deliver a malicious, often life-threatening blow.

2. To McSorely someone without the use of a stick.
In response to his attack on Canucks captain Marcus Naslund, Steve Moore was viciously Bertuzzied in General Motors Place.
by WordUp March 11, 2004
46 46
A vulgarization of "shrubland"
An underappreciated gem of a joke
See also It's not a cardboard cut-out! and Karma Sutra
Geography Teacher: "Ok, boys, open ur books to page 33. We're studying shrublands today..."
Andrew: "Shlobland!"
Everybody: *Laugh out loud*
Prav (consumed by jealousy): "Gaaard! That was a sad joke!"
Andrew: "What? Didn't you hear everybody laugh?"
Prav: "Sorry, man, i was just jealous. Actually, those other jokes u made that i claimed were sad were also really funny. I'm sorry, but i get a bit envious of ur comic prowess occasionally and feel a need to put other people down. I'm a piece of shit.
by Wordup November 20, 2003
0 1
An empty masculine platitude meaning nothing at all.
J: If I don't get laid by the end of the year there's gonna be big trouble!"
by Wordup November 10, 2003
3 4
A tiny dick.
Two inches of steel.
Sags claims the title of official schoo small from pravs.
by Wordup November 07, 2003
2 3