Term used for code to discribe females. Bert has a few meanings:

1. to discribe a GORGESS female
ex. You see a gorgess girl close by and say "Bert" to your guy friend beside you to signify check that one out. Often used with a stiff arm in the air an a fist in that hand.

2. to be used as a filler to get what you really want.
ex. your friend asks you if you want a beer but your girlfriend beside you would get mad if you said you wanted one. The person asked says "No thanks bert" this signifies a "YES,but i cant say that". when the guy comes back witha beer the girl cant get mad cuz you said no but your friend got you the drink anyways.

3. to signify that your busy with someone but dont want to say so.
ex. your fucking some chick and your friend calls you. the girl says to pick it up. you pick it up and play it cool. "hows it going"...you reply" not bad bert" then the convo ends and you can talk about the bert situation later.

4. you are with a group of people and someone brings something up that will either get the girls you are with mad or that you dont want the girls to know. you look at the fool talking and say bert. he instantly stops what he was talking about.
"check out that bert"
"No bert" = "yes please"
by northern_gino August 09, 2006
Bert. Other wise known as breaking of the wind.
The dog berted 5 or 6 times yesterday.
by I'm you father August 10, 2005
A member of a gay italian family.
A person who looks like their dog.
A homosexual who gives berts out.
1. I had a bert in my family nobody liked him

2. my dog looks exactly like Bert they even do the same tricks.

3. I will give you a bert if you dont listen 2 me
by Dirty Sanchezzz March 25, 2008
an idiot, moron, jackass, etc.
That guy was such a bert!
Don't be bert.
by Junglist January 12, 2006
V. To utilize inappropriate materials and methods to repair a damaged object.

Term originated to describe the quality of work done by a friend's father - Bert covered their whole roof with duct tape to seal a leak instead of just replacing the shingles.
That guy totally Berted that roof - who would ever think that someone would use actually use $300 worth of duct tape to fix a roof leak?
by Bert's Neighbor September 03, 2006
1. An exclaimation conveying one's extreme displeasure with a person, idea or action, usually done in a mocking tone with a higher, shriller voice.

2. (verb) To use the exclaimation bert . Usually this is done with a hard chop to one's breastbone, repeatedly. "Berting" is often done with other nonsense words and with the front two teeth protruding out of one's mouth.

Etymology: This expression is commonly used in the more Northwestern parts of Virginia and bordering areas circa 1997.
1. Bert! I'm an owl! Look at me! Bert!

2. I berted at them because they'd rather skateboard than play football.
by Mill Race June 09, 2005
another word for sayin not
im home alone and scared, bert
by ?:>"{}| April 17, 2009

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