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Someone who got insulted by the nerdiest kid around.
The insult is usually witty/nerdy, referencing nerdy subjects, but also including a powerful put-down
Guy #1- Dude, youre such a nerd

The 'Bert'- At least Star Trek will last forever in peoples memories, whilst your pathetic life will wither away to an alcoholic daze of prostitution.
Guy #3 - Ohhhh! You SO got Berted!
by Overagekid November 12, 2009
The planet in question is a metaphorical place where the most attractive and sexually-active men come from.
This place is where all men wish they were from.

Known origin is from the British TV comedy series Bottom
Man 1: Were going to have to hit that beach like two greased up love-Gods from the Planet Big Bollocks
Man 2: Hmm...tricky
by Overagekid December 03, 2009

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