Code word for Danger as explained in the series "Friends"
Joey: Well, you wouldn't let me in, so I thought you were in trouble.

Chandler: Well, we're not.

Joey: But you called me 'Bert'!? That's our code word for danger!

Chandler: We don't have a code word.

Joey: We don't? We really should. From now on, 'Bert' will be our code word for danger.
by Emma79 December 21, 2014
Also known as The Beanie of Awesomeness. It is an awesome red beanie.
Get off my lawn you Bért wearing pot head!
by Pete the Goat September 25, 2010
Falling asleep on XBOX Live, preferably in a party with your friends.
Where happened to Joe?
He probably pulled a bert with his hand in a bag of chips.

You better not do a bert again tonight.
by fathony marshall September 26, 2011
what happens when your playing a video game and your sister starts lagging the internet because shes watching porn
"stop pulling a Bert"
by hansolo314 October 12, 2011
n. skateboard or surfing trick where rider makes a quick 180 degree heelside turn using their front hand as an anchor on a wave or a banked piece of pavement while grabbing the toeside edge of board with the free hand.
Did you see him do that sick bert? It was like he was surfing concrete!
by Cliff J's longskate vocab August 20, 2006
another word for a cigarette. hence the filter part of a cigarette looks like bert's head from bert and ernie
hey, i can i get a bert from you?
by italianstallionmb August 18, 2010
A code name used when talking about your boss in public. This protects you from the unlikely event that the person at the next table is the boss' next door neighbour, brother, in-law or tennis partner.
Joe: "I hear Bert's new girlfriend has a bit of a coke habit"

Gary: "I'd like to hang that prick over a river of burning acid and give scissors to the last 5 people he has destroyed".

Joe: "Yeah, me too. I hate Bert"
by 4sail July 17, 2006

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