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An awful lacrosse player, Commonly used as insult used toward a defense-man by the attack. Invented in Upstate New York, primarily in section 3 (The best section).
Wow, I just scored a between the legs goal on these benders
by RippinG's&SmokinTrees January 30, 2011
1 4
a late night cruise, illest clique-ISANG mahal isang buhay
how was the bender last night?
by GiZMO January 02, 2005
9 22
to mess up, or crap oneself
oh gosh i just bendered my pants, or oh gosh i just pulled a bender
by James Kalikalu October 19, 2006
8 23
noun: (ben-der):derived from the practice of poor ice skaters whose legs bend inward at the ankle while skating on ice:

One who is of a general uninteresting and poor overall character. These people can often be found enjoying iced lattes. Their names are normally Todd, Tucker or Kyle. Do not associate with these people. They will cause you to suck.
Hey cool dudes, want to go chill by the beach with some mimosas?
No you fucking bender, I'd rather explore the peri-anal region of a ferret.
by Lou Diamond Phillips November 12, 2005
24 41
Homosexual, from the phrase 'Gender bender' commonly used in the 80's. Has nothing to do with men bending over is many would believe.
Oh my god that guy is such a bender
by u4ric November 18, 2005
26 44
A Curveball (usually a good one)
Ned Donkle took a bender over the right field wall
by NED DONKLE March 08, 2005
16 34
Reasonably popular BBC soap opera called 'Eastenders'.
"Did you see Benders last night?"
by Edgio August 09, 2004
6 26
A very large bowel movement. I.E. The turd "bends" as it hits the bottom of the toilet.
"After eating a large amount of food, one must take a bender"
by Urbadict September 10, 2005
11 35