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A turd that is so long that it starts to bend before it touches water.
Jesus that sure is a long shit.
Yep, it's a bender all right
by James Kreutzer September 26, 2005
Shouted at a homosexual, suspected homosexual, or someone called Ben.
Guy "Oi, Bender!
Gay "What"
Perceived gay "What?"
Ben "What?"
by Adam Himself January 03, 2006
A "bender" would be the definition of someone in jail. Once they go in, they don't come out with gettin' it up tha ass by another homo in there at least once.
mmm yummmmay! I WANT TO BE A BENDER! ;):P:D
by bcbabe67 April 17, 2006
Penis, male reproductive organ.
Suck my bender or I'll cut your tits off.
by Arthur Dent February 14, 2005