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A Group of Brash Jewish New York Boys born in the late 1970's who are defined by their stunning good looks, love for drugs and alcahol, and a fervent fetish for fat jewish women.
Benders: Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, DJ AM
by rkasovitz December 28, 2009
6 13
half an erection. usually because the male is not aroused enough, causing the penis to bend out of the way on entry.
because that girl i scored yesterday had such a huge lennart, i developed an irrevocable bender. needless to say that she woke up with a cleveland steamer today.
by tisseen schande May 09, 2006
11 18
The act of vomiting, usually when inebriated; typically assuming the position flexed forward at the hips.
After a hard night with the party hat, I had a helluva bender.
by SteveL March 28, 2008
0 8
In the sport of hockey, someone who's ancles bend inward do to the incapasitity to actually be good at something. You Can usually tell a bender by someone who's ancles are taped. Kids like this usually have no future in anything because they just suck dick.
Bender = Nikita Idiri
by The laxa bra March 19, 2009
3 12
To double-cross someone and date a friend's ex right on the rebound.
Johnny did a bender on scott a day after scott confessed to johnny he and lisa just broke up...
by Lilli Safranski March 20, 2008
0 9
Exclamation of surprise/mocking originating around the Wallgarian locale.

Often accompanied by a loud "Baaah!".
"Oh benders! BAAAAAH!"
by The Seventh Si August 10, 2004
11 22
A shelter widely used by British hippies travelling in caravans, formed by cutting springy young tree branches or root suckers and bending them into a bowed shape, securing them to the ground at both ends, until a curved space is formed. Covered by a tarp, it serves as a sort of tent.
"We'll make a bender for you for the night." "I don't feel the need for a homosexual bloke nor a short jail term, so I'm hoping you mean a temporary shelter."
by Mister Nice Guy May 10, 2006
7 19