The characteristics of a person that include selflessness, the ability to listen attentively to a persons problems, the ability to have an air of authority about you, but not in an overpowering or oppressive way. Being honorable, humble and a good leader, being full of integrity.
Dude, what is it with that guy? He knows how to lead, and everyone listens to him and looks up to him!
Yeah, he's way Bender.
by gottabtru1 November 27, 2007
Getting together with friends to play any video game for an extended amount of time, at least 8 hours. Usually involves many smoke breaks and at least one pre-made Nestle toll-house cookie roll.
Ted and Thai are getting together for a bender on Tuesday. Thai's picking up Doom 3 at midnight and Ted is bring the cookies.
by Jacob Aalfs May 12, 2005
Females who bend over at dances and put their butts in males crotches. Also affiliated with Grinding,but more severe.
As I saw the Benders dancing I laughed. I cried for their soles and what their parents had done to make them do this sexual act.
by Jon_Hollister December 28, 2012
half an erection. usually because the male is not aroused enough, causing the penis to bend out of the way on entry.
because that girl i scored yesterday had such a huge lennart, i developed an irrevocable bender. needless to say that she woke up with a cleveland steamer today.
by tisseen schande May 09, 2006
Offensive slang for a homosexual male. Derived from the act of bending over in the preparation of receiving.
"Your moustache looks like a benders moustache"

"Why thank-you!!!"
by Maur Schtupedschit June 22, 2005
The act of vomiting, usually when inebriated; typically assuming the position flexed forward at the hips.
After a hard night with the party hat, I had a helluva bender.
by SteveL March 28, 2008
To double-cross someone and date a friend's ex right on the rebound.
Johnny did a bender on scott a day after scott confessed to johnny he and lisa just broke up...
by Lilli Safranski March 20, 2008
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