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A little person. You could insinuate that they are midgets but they may bite your ankles. They also tend to be poor at handling their spit when it is mixed with alcohol. You may think they are drooling but they likely will try to deny it by saying that it was just 'watery' puke. They also are known for propositioning people when intoxicated so always bring a dental dam when a Justie is around.
Devin: Yo dude this totally wack chick just asked to make out with me and then drooled all over herself!"

Ian: Oh! you've totally just met a Justie! Protect your ankles!"
by DEVINIHNAT&IANSMITH November 18, 2010
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An Ellie's best friend. He's darling, witty, charming, and exudes pervert. But no ones cares after he unleashes the full force of his big baby browns. Not to mention his bodacious Brittany! By the way, he likes to lunchbox before school in the morning. Sometimes he can let you down, but really, who could resist him? He's ace at answering calls at two in the morning! And an expert at climbing down your roof on valentine's day (really, not)! "But he sure can kiss.." oh, that's a line from one of his favorite movies, My Best Friend's Wedding. Yeah, he's a total girl, but he's not. Really he's not. He's wonderful. This is for all you girls who may consider dating a Justie. Fair warning, his best friend is crazy about him! Only one girl's got a Justie. And for now, it's lucky little Ellie!
Brittany: Ugh, Justie is so awesome, I think I saw him lunchboxing from my window this morning.
Amy: You know, his best friend, Ellie, is totally mint!
by Ellie Cat February 28, 2010
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