a sexual predator who preys on the young
Guy 1: did u here Ramsay nailed a 15 year old
Guy 2: oh thats tremedous.

Guy 1: yeah Ramsays a Beast
by amnotatalker November 27, 2010
1) Another word for animal

2) A word that was a noun that has been bastardized into an adjective by young people who think it's cool to sound stupid. Whenever it is used as an adjective to describe awesomeness it sounds very asinine.
1) Unfortunately my generation think it's cool to use the word beast to describe themselves, evertime they do I lose hope for the human race a little more.

2) Friend: Hai Dood! That Partay Waz So Beast Last Night!(This was an actual text I got)
Me: That sounds stupid man
by ReptileGirl'sBoyfriend November 13, 2010
To make one free throw in 13 years of life.
Julia has made one free throw in 13 years of life and is therefore a Beast.
by Jewtiful January 13, 2009
a woman who is rather large in size, broad and stocky, doesn't have a very pretty face.
"whoa, that bitch is lookin' beastly."
by Tina December 24, 2004
(scottish slang)a child abuser,paedophile,rapist
that beast's gonna get done up the arse in jail by a big hairy ni**er!
by beatsy July 04, 2003
An ugly, large, hairy brute of a girl, capable of eating men.
"Wow, Alana is a beast"
by downy September 24, 2003
(noun) This word is used to describe Zack the Greatest
see also Zack or Dat Nigga
Zack the Greatest is a Beast and he is Dat Nigga.
by ZacktheGreat January 01, 2008
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