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When you want to subtly tell someone to look behind themselves, you tell them to check their "6 o'clock".
When you're trying to tell someone to look at someone behind someone behind them, you say "check your sixty-six".
"Bro, check your sixty-six."
(he looks behind himself)
"Meh, I'm not into blondes."
"I said sixty-six. The girl behind the blonde is a redhead."
by supereboy August 03, 2014
Originally appearing in The Complete Sex Dictionary (1969), the "back door" cousin of sixty-nine, sixty-six is a euphemism for anal sex.
"Okay, clue in me in. How'd it go last night?" (Snicker, snicker).
"It was the usual fanfare: we sixty-nined for a while, did the nasty, but ended up in a sixty-six."
"Lucky dog. She really MUST love you."
by Zane327 December 16, 2011

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