to completely own or control the musicical stand point of electro. usually referring to the band 'Generic!'.
Have you heard their stuff? They're so BEAST!

by Generic's # 1 fan October 20, 2008
A word two best friends use to describe how horrible the look and act.
But love each other really
"Lucy your a hidious beast!"

"Terence you are a beastly shit"
by jifkvjmksdlv October 07, 2008
v. To accomplish something difficult or improbable through sheer force of will
I gotta take a mean piss, but I can beast it 'til the next town.
by Urban Dude October 02, 2008
1:the ultimate male
2:the coolest dewg ever
3:the ladies man
Dude did you see Gigglepuss?
He is such a fucking Beast!
by gigglepuss August 25, 2008
A guy who is extremely sexy or good looking.
What do you think of that guy in your 4th period class? Jeff? He's a BEAST!
by dizzblnd August 22, 2008
Someone who is cool. Or someone who is just straight up gangsta. Someone who is an athlete, or makes a great play in a game. Someone who is straight up intimidating.
Kyle, Ray, Alex, and Roscoe have their own circle in school they are Beast.
by Martoneisabeast July 18, 2008
Any manner of hair on a person's body.
"Man, tame your northern beasts!"

"Last night I shaved my southern beasts."

"Yesterday I saw an Australian beast... and it was awesome!"
by GabGab July 10, 2008

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