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Australian Slang for Boobs
Check out those awesome bears!
by Sezehl July 26, 2010
adj. British teenage slang for "large" or "big", commonly used in informal conversations with friends, often heard followed by "dollar", meaning lots of money
Do you wanna come out tonight?

Yeah, I've got bear dollar!
by charlie.is.a.dirty.pole December 08, 2009
1. A sacrcastic way of saying "I don't care".
Bears 1. Juan told shane, "stop making fun of fat people they have feelings too". Shane looked at Juan and said "BEARS". 2. Juan told Shane, "I'm legal" Shane said "I'm a bear".
by MIKEJONES81 October 12, 2009
bearpolar beargrizzlycubwolfotterleatherbeer bustlumber jackdaddysirhairystockyburlysirly(noun).A group (pack) of stocky hairy(fuzzy) men usually sporting beards and beer bellys. Leather or lumberjack gear optional. Akin to leather bars and gay country bars. Pass times usually include playing pool, watching football, drinking beer and of course snuggling.
Dave: Hey, wanna go to the beer bust at the Wrangler?

Mike: Sure, no shortage of heat mingling in a sea of bears there.

by Mr. Bravo December 17, 2008
the worst NFL football team in existence.
The Chicago Bears still suck!
by rismeyes February 06, 2007
A.K.A a girl named Maren! Der Bar! the greatest person, whom is always down to cuddle smash and make you feel better when your down! tons of fun to be with as well! She'll always listen and can always help you, sacrificing herself to make her pals happy:) she has a awesome furry hat that "feels like the inside of a cat". Bear can also be used to describe that one perfect person who's a universal jigsaw puzzle piece to making everybody feel a little better. She's crazy pretty and doesn't admit it for some weird reason, and likes to adventure into the unmapped territories of creepy thrift shops! She's your friend who turns your boring school day into an amazing adventure day:)
A: "what's wrong bro?"
N: "idk man, let's go find bear, i know she'll make me feel better!"
A:"i feel lame:("
N: "dude, i know this total bear, she'll def make you feel better"
by EL GECKO December 06, 2010
Very Mascular Man Who Gets The Ladies
A person with the nickname of Bear
by Knowing12849 May 29, 2011