Greatest Football Team EVER
Da Bears are da greatest team ever
by Tom June 07, 2005
A nickname for dip (tobbacco) . A few differant brands have bear names such as Grizzly, and Kodiak.
Im about to throw me in some bear.
by Strangeward February 15, 2010
A large and/or tall woman (term preferred for over-muscular types) that could easily rape you in a dark alley if she wanted to.
1. Damn, that's a bear! She would easily be able to beat Mike Tyson in an arm wrestling challenge.

2. She's not a true bear, she's fat but also short.
by Mr_Moustache February 17, 2013
The shark of the land.
Person 1: Man look at that bear over there.

Person 2: Yeah its totally a shark of the land!
by JmoolZZ February 07, 2013
a simple way of saying "I want some crack"
I want some Bears?
by Weylin Patrick May 16, 2004
big burely gay guy
tristan is a big ass bear
by troubledmidget February 21, 2013
Code word for a cigarette for when your parents for family members don't know you smoke.
"Hey ashley want to go outside and kill a bear with me?"
"Yeah sure!"

"Hey, do you have an extra bear?"
by Karleylux January 25, 2012

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