Grizzly chewing tobacco. nicknamed the bear because of the bear on the front of the can.
person1: Hey man you got a bear on you?
person2: Yea man take a pinch
by yteka99 August 03, 2009
slang for a prostitute.
I cannot bear with that bear. She has such bearish behaviour.
by uttam maharjan October 11, 2010
This is a term used for for black people that stand up really tall and stare at each other before a fight, because that's what bears do, a wigger that does this is called a polar bear.
*Someone bumps into black guy.

*Black guy stands up tall and puts his chest on the guy.

Black guy: "What choo gonna do lil' nigga!"

Guy: lol bear!
by DUH_13 July 14, 2009
Waste material, especially fecal matter, that is expelled from the body after digestion.
I am going to make bears on your face.
by bmoc May 15, 2006
1.)An older man chasing a younger woman.

2.) Male version of a cougar.
Older male celebrities are such bears!
by Tonsey at night September 19, 2010
1. (n.) A large hairy mammal, sometimes, but not always, carnivorous, that often breaks into campsites and trash cans looking for food.
2. (v.) To carry or to have
1. I went camping but didn't lock up my food so a bear came and stole it in the night.
2. He has a heavy load to bear.
by alas poor yorick September 12, 2007
Some one who is asexual, not in their gender but their sexual orientation. A person who is not attracted to guys, girls, or anything thereof... Bears usually do not register attractivness, hottness, like talking about sexual topics, think the "hot" guy in school is "hot," or have a desire for any sort of sexual activity. Bears are not very common, in fact less than 1% percent of the US population are true bears. Being a bear is in no way a negative; nor does the term bear have any negative conotation.
"Are you gay or straight?"
"Neither, I'm a bear."
by IMABEAR!!!! December 08, 2009

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