A drive-thru Mexican restaurant with cusine that borders somewhere between a full-out cantina and fast food- The Mexican equivalent to Cheap Chinese take-out. The menu consists of typical Mexican-American fare and is usually substantial in size. It is NO generalization to note that every 'Berto's has a signature burrito- Often named after the state or city that particular burrito is purchased in.
Also to note that most 'Berto's are converted Weinerschnitzel, Raxx or Naugle's restaurants- offering a clean, slightly antiquated environment, and that ALL 'Berto's have an unlimited "chips n' salsa" bar inside.

Examples of a "Berto's" include, but not limited to:











(Calling from Drive-Thru)
"I'm at 'Bertos, you want anything?"
"Which one?"
"The one on (xy) street."
"Pick me up a California Burrito Combo, but tell 'em no salsa. I don't like the way they do it there."
"Yeah, the salsa at the other 'Berto's is a little better."
by Travieso Mentira March 22, 2008
To prematurely ejaculate in your pants from petting of the dick, being high on marijuana and 'shrooms'.
"Dude, I woke up this morning high on shrooms and weed and I had jizzed in my pants."
"Man, you totally just Bertoed!"
by Dabuscrew June 06, 2013
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