noun; slang for an american football
My bestfriend and I like to go out and flick beans after a few drinks.

Jimmy got a cramp flicking beans last weekend.
by Dirty Yank March 21, 2004
Another term for X pills.
Anyone know where we can find some beans?
by jke February 13, 2006
Gangsta ass neighbor kid runnin the streets in the Stevens 'hood
I own you like Beans own bacon... naw meen?!?
by vongdizzle November 19, 2003
A term most commonly used on the West Coast (or more specifically the Pacific Northwest) that refers to Oxycontin.

Beans can be:
-Crushed and railed
-Shot up interveinously (more uncommon)

1) "Hey guys! Want to smoke beans?!"

2) "My dawg Sean and I were cruisin' Muk-Town (Mukilteo) lookin' for some beans."

3) "My cousin is hooked on Oxy's and has to pay over a $100 every day for a single bean.."
by Uber Jackball March 29, 2008
Universally can be used as a descriptor for any type of pill.

1. Ecstasy/MDMA tablets
2. Klonopins (Possibly other benzos as well)
1. You think Ray can get some beans for the rave tonight?
2. I was soo beaned out last night, I can't remember anything
by matthead December 25, 2007
A Wonderful Young Boy

Something random to yell at people on the street

word to insert into any song
Swig: Beans is a wonderful young boy

If you're driving down the street and you see an old lady, or anybody really, yell BEANS!!!!

such as in the song Dance Dance by Fallout Boy: Beans Beans, Beans Beans Beans Beans Beans Beans Beans
by Swig June 27, 2006
an indian person or a minority or a chink. these "bean people" as we call them are extremely bitchy and have bean quailties. if they are not an indian person/minority/chink but have bean qualities, they can also be called a bean.
1.) Look at that bean over there. She is so hideous looking.

2.) Ew your such a fricken bean stop being so beany !!!
by frijoles February 14, 2005

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