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The act of dreaming about things one can never have. Derived from the derogatory term for mexicans ( beaner ) and their tendency to have farfetched fantasies about success.
1)Guy 1: Damn nigga! That poon thinks he can get ass tonight.

Guy 2: SHIITTTT nigga. he needs to stop beaning!

2) Guy 1: That spic be eyeing my car!

Guy 2: aw man. he be beaning.
by A-Men June 09, 2005
The art of bending your back over to produce 'beaning'.
designed to replicate the famous Mr.Beans pose.
related to: planking and owling.
*infront of the london eye* dude, this is a awsome place to bean.

you think we should start beaning on that sheep?
by Emily, Ralf, Jela July 26, 2011
A slang term for the euphoric effects of ecstacy tablets.
Geez! Im well mashed, Im beaning my tits off!!
by dangerous donnivan April 08, 2008
verb: Being to drunk too the point where you have no idea where you are. The act of getting lost.
Friend 1 "Dude where are you?"
Friend 2 "I have no idea I'm Beaning."
by DeltaTuesdays March 12, 2013
"beaning" meaning chilling out fucking around - commonly used in the "jive" language that circulates coventry known by many to be created by tom and tony
tom "easy now beanhead, what u sayin"
tony "nothin just beaning"

by Tom and Tony October 11, 2005
(v.) To attack or defile someone with beans. Normally frozen, spearlike green beans, but baked can be used as well as they're typically messier and get the point across better.
Mark gave his brother a good beaning for waking him up so early.
by Nyte_Of_The_Living_Dead August 30, 2005
to be under the influence of ecstacy ie. taken some beans
'im proper beaning my tits off'
by bob 121123 March 20, 2007
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