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Hit in the head with a thrown object. Originally a baseball term, in that context it means "hit in the head with a pitch."
Did you see that? She just beaned him with a dead fish!
by Tyler July 27, 2004
An adjective describing a girl that just experienced a feeling of awkwardness and humiliation after making out with an awful kisser.
I felt so beaned after I let that kid make out with me
by yahoo456kia July 22, 2010
Beaned - As in drinking coffee and getting high/hyper off of it.

Like Beaming but Beaning... u'know?
Man I am so BEANED from that espresso shot!

Dude Java Hut's Coffee gets me so beaned every time!
by oceanpearl January 27, 2015
Verb that means to get disconnected from xbox live whilst playing a game because you are too cheap to pay for internet and our attempting to steal your neighbors, which fades in and out.

Also known as being welf .
" Oh, man..Tommy beaned from the party, he should just buy internet and not steal his neighbors internet!"
by beeboobop2579 December 19, 2012
When a boy touches you on accident or on purpose by either brushing or hitting his balls against you. He may be touching his balls in general. This could also mean he or you are playing with his sack.
"Woah that guy totallly just beaned me"

"Ummmm is that guy beaning himself???"

"I want her to bean me so bad"
by kcud May 19, 2014
A head, shaped like one of the following:

*A kidney bean- mostly seen on muslims , they usually wear beany bandages (turbans) to protect their sore heads. but if you unravel it you can see the 8th wonder in the world.

*An egg- smelly bean that has a point at the top.

*A peanut- either has a really dry and wrinkly bean, or a greasy bean.

*A malteaser- bit racist? also known as a black airhead

*A jelly bean- sometimes fragranced, and very edible looking.

*A watermelon- perhaps sometimes green from far too much uphill gardening, or more world widley known for a good ol bit of bushwhacking.

*In some rare cases/ a bowling ball- usually known for the bulldog looking nose and cheeks, with a very shiny and sometimes reflectionable slap head. the bowling ball bean is sterotyped for polishing their heads before they go out to make the ladies swoon and fall to the floor.

Here are some famous beans;
Torvil & bean
Bean gaffney
Bean elizibeth
Bean victoria
Bean windass
Beany todd
Bean bowditch
Bean ashton

Bean'ed is also refered to as slap'ed for the lols
billy* hey pete and mike do you see that bean'ed over there ->

pete and mike* yeah ROFL how could we miss that great big bean bandage he calls a turban!?
by warrenclose December 19, 2010
To be wasted on Ecstasy tablets.
"I was WELL beaned last nite bruv!"
by sirdropsalot March 21, 2007

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