Slang term for Semen as used in the hit BBC comedy "The office" (Christmas Special)
"Just because some wanker has blown his beans up your chuff . . ."
by Finchy September 07, 2004
A plant we normally eat. Sometimes known as a vegetable or Fruit. It is also seen as a seed like in the story of Jack and the bean stock.
Beans, beans, the magaical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel. So eat beans for every meal!
by Miyavi May 24, 2004
(Interjection) An exclamation in a good or bad situation. May also be used as "hot beans"
"Dude, I just got my report card back, and I got honors!"
"Hot beans! Me too!"
by Death Slushie November 14, 2003
Slang for the clubbers drug Ecstacy because when your mashed you look at some in your hand and they look like beans...
clubber : 'I was full of beans last night at the party'
by Evil-Ernie June 06, 2003
Black jeans, or another pair of jeans that are dark enough to appear black.
Damn girl, I like your beans.
by therealslimshady1 September 26, 2010
1. that guy from even stevens that peed on the campfire, and likes bacon, and asked to go skinny dipping with mr. stevens
2. slang for dope
synonyms: cool, awesome, hot, radical, gnarly
3. super high
1. "That kid from the Even Stevens movie looks like he has down syndrome."
"Beans? Nah, he's really dope."
2. "Damn, that Megan Fox is BEANS."
3. "Shit, I got so beans last night."
by beansupagainstdatclit April 24, 2010
all the people that have written definitions for this are completely ignorant. Beans are NOT MDMA! Beans is what you buy from Canada for 50 cents a pop and sell in America for $30 a drop. Beans is 2 C-E, a legal designer drug in Canada that is essentially weed, xtc and acid all rolled into one pill.
Beans can be found for pretty cheap up in Montreal or Niagara Falls.
by DoseFiend March 13, 2010

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