The phenomena known as beans. To be in a state of mind that is not known to the individual, unless called out. Can be used as a verb, adjective, Proper noun, noun, or any other form thought of.
Beans just beaned so hard
Beans is beaning
Your about to get beaned on
Are you beaning?
Beanus Williams, congratulations on winning Wimbledon.
by Kang just banged Beans December 16, 2008
Refers to an overbearing, obscure, sadistic, cynical, Communistic, uncharitable wanker. Usually a massive Grammar Nazi, sometimes a titsponge.
"Christ be damned, your such a Beans these days."
"It's YOU'RE, not YOUR---you moron."
by Juicebox 23 October 02, 2008
Taken from various definitions above, specifically the office christmas special, this word has morphed to mean a hot girl.
(Upon seeing a hot girl)
"Man, beans!"
"Many, many, beans!"
by Mike Freer February 28, 2005
Slang term for Semen as used in the hit BBC comedy "The office" (Christmas Special)
"Just because some wanker has blown his beans up your chuff . . ."
by Finchy September 07, 2004
A plant we normally eat. Sometimes known as a vegetable or Fruit. It is also seen as a seed like in the story of Jack and the bean stock.
Beans, beans, the magaical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel. So eat beans for every meal!
by Miyavi May 24, 2004
To have sex with someone, to give them the beans.
I'm gonna give Gemma the beans on Saturday.
by Badger January 29, 2004
(Interjection) An exclamation in a good or bad situation. May also be used as "hot beans"
"Dude, I just got my report card back, and I got honors!"
"Hot beans! Me too!"
by Death Slushie November 14, 2003

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