a marijuana smoking device that traditionally resembles a "bowl" or "spoon".
Can I spark the bean after you pack it up?
by scaiferd January 02, 2011
Another term for a cigarette
"Hey, anyone wanna split a packa beans with me?"
"Hey man, can I get a bean?"
by buddyguypalfriend January 01, 2011
To leave a large pan of cooked beans on the floor in front of an enemy's dorm room door. When he/she opens the door, they accidentally step in the beans. The person who committed the beaning peers around the corner and laughs at the beaned victim.

Baked beans are the beans of choice for the act of beaning, because of the thicker, brown texture of the bean juice, which leaves a lasting odor and/or shoe stain. However, others work almost as well if baked beans are not on hand.
"Dude, what happened to your shoe?"
"Someone beaned me when I was on my way to class."
by BirdieQQ April 09, 2010
Any old person who is unnecessarily slow at doing an action.
Freakin' Bean! I have to get somewhere!
by JFD4 February 17, 2010
the flesh that hangs from a woman's vagina...said woman has had so much sex that her "elasticity" is pretty much gone.
No, dude, don't fuck her, I heard she had beans.
by Red January 09, 2003
to be full of oneself
Person 1: Wow that kid is so full of himself
Person 2: I know, he is such a bean
by sixthperiodglobal February 01, 2012
A guy who pisses you off. Typically, a guy whose name is PeZz.
You're such a bean.
by Sachcos November 15, 2011

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