May be used completely pointlessly at any time if you don't want to awnser somebody's question.
"Dude, what does antidisestablishmentarianism mean?"
by TheBurninator November 29, 2003
Slang term for a lesbian. A female who enjoys other females sexually.
Yo, you see those beans over there?
by Rodrigo Rodriguez January 06, 2012
term used to describe the clit
Where's brojas?...O he's been in the bathroom all night flicking his little bean.
by TheChillinChalupa December 04, 2010
a blunt
When we gunna spark up that bean dude?
by peach37 November 19, 2009
xanax pill also called a bar
hey nigga where them beans at
by J_Mann November 10, 2009
Slang term for clit, or female equivalent of ballsack. Also used in the term "flicking the bean", which refers to a chick playing with herself.
If you're hassling some girl and it's unwanted, she may tell you to get off her bean. It's like a chick telling you to get off her nuts and get the hell away from her.

"Dude, get off my fuckin bean already!! It's not gona happen!!"

or one guy says to another, referring to a girl being a carpet muncher...
Tom: "Aww man! I KNEW she was a bean flicker!"
Andy: "Thats fuckin hot. I wana hit that."
by FitnFine November 06, 2009
a word for an oxycontin pill. because the 80 mg pills are green and it looks like a green bean. the term can also be used for the 40mg pills which are not green but they are called beans. you can smoke, snort, shoot, or just eat it, AND GET HELLLLLA HIGH. to smoke the pill, scrape off the green coating, throw it on a piece of foil, use a TOOTER (a straw, or hollowed out pen or something) light it up and watch it melt across the foil, use the tooter to inhale the smoke. (alzhiemers may be a long term side effect so keep that in mind)
you wanna go half on a bean?
i smoked 5 beans yesterday.
have you been getting ur vegetables? hahah
that mother fucker jacked me for alll my beans.
omg i dropped my bean under the seat and cant find it wtf... there goes 50 bucks :(
by beansmokin since 94 June 19, 2009

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