Deriving from the phrase 'cool beans', this is just a shorter version, used to convey enthusiasm or excitement, emphasising that something is indeed cool.
Static-X have a new album? Beans!
by princessblade January 17, 2005
Beanie Sigel
last week memph puffed puff paper up, and Beans buy a bentley every week
by dionyse January 15, 2004
A suffix to anything at any time. Used primarily when spacing, not caring, or not registering. a declaration, or anger word
"What the beans is going on?!"
"what's a verb?"
by Sirus Jones October 17, 2003
A word that is funny to say and write at any randon time or after someone asks you a question.
Stupid person-"Whats the answer to #5?"
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
When a female has some has some big boobs that you cant resist grabbing or touching.
Your beans are popin
by H0NEY B@DGER August 16, 2011
1. that guy from even stevens that peed on the campfire, and likes bacon, and asked to go skinny dipping with mr. stevens
2. slang for dope
synonyms: cool, awesome, hot, radical, gnarly
3. super high
1. "That kid from the Even Stevens movie looks like he has down syndrome."
"Beans? Nah, he's really dope."
2. "Damn, that Megan Fox is BEANS."
3. "Shit, I got so beans last night."
by beansinthearse April 24, 2010
I am getting like 50 beans this week.
by booyaka619 March 11, 2009

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