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Heights is the nickname of Cleveland Heights. It is known to be the most fun/interesting place on the face of the earth.

The funnest part of heights is definately on Lee Rd. and on Mayfield Rd.

There is always something to do around these areas.

If you are born in this area, you will most likely go to Fairfax Elementary School. There is a few optional middle schools.

Last, but not least, you will be going to Cleveland Heights High School (Heights). The livest school on the planet. Most people that went to this school grew up with eachother. From Elementary to High School.

This is a perfect neighborhood to grow up in.

...They say, if you werent born in heights, dont come to heights.
Yo, i cant wait to go to Heights next year. My whole family went to Heights High.
by Creativity Productions June 30, 2009
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1. A town in the Manasquan Sending District where the residents have an extreme sense of pride 2. A place where beer drinking and weed smoking takes place frequently 3. Best place ever
if you try to call Heights out, pain will probably be inflicted on you
by seton March 19, 2007
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A motherfucking hood ass town that rolls harder than anywhere else. It's a wonderful utopia where hoodrats pound 40s and throw dice while the 5-0 turns a blind eye 'cause "they know what's good for them".

Niggas from Heights are some crazyass motherfuckers who arent afraid to smoke a fat sack of 420ganj before brutially smashing the jaws of faggots from 78th who 'tryina front.


p.s. they pack weapons
you wanna roll through heights?
nah man that shits crazy, those guys have huge dicks.

Fuck 78th
true statement, dawg - they are pussys
by dman420ganja May 30, 2012
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A neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas where many rich people live. Mostly elderly adults who drive Lincolns, soccer moms who drive suburbans, or 12-15 year olds walking around wearing Nike shirts and athletic shorts.

If you want to have a good time, go to the heights. If you want old people to yell at you, go to the heights. If you want to avoid going to a party, say " I was in the heights." If you want to find a cheap place to eat, don't go here.

Basically, its a cool place to hang out, but once you are 15 and can drive you WILL abandon this neighborhood.
Kid: Man, I was in the heights yesterday and this guy in a mercedes drove by and said hey.

Mom: I have to drop off my kid at soccer practice. Too bad the traffic in the heights is terrible

Old Man: Damn kids walk around in my yard all day! I knew I shouldve moved to cammack village!
by bigguyfromharlem June 12, 2011
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