Have you seen him lately? He's huge. He's definitely on the beans.
by chewbacca's cousin July 17, 2008
1.Another term for one dollar bills
1.I just made a shit load of beans last paycheck.
2.Were goin to the club tonight, wanna grab some beans
3.Gimmie another hit of them beans niga
by hjrt June 13, 2007
noun: slang reference to a girls nipples, often used in amateur girls gone wild style videos made near the Chico State campus.
"Show me your beans!" would be followed by one or several hot coeds lifting their shirts to show us their nipples.
by I'm Still Steve November 13, 2006
When a man Cums. His Male ejaculate. Another word for Cum
1. "I gave her some Beans in her Mouth"

2. "Bitch had my Beans in her Face"
by Zeke 1120 August 03, 2006
A woman who loves a man unconditionally and will do anything that he wants...Forever. i.e.-cooking, cleaning, giving head, and sex.
This Beans over here wants to cook me dinner. And I was all like "hells yeah".
by Beanies May 04, 2006
A disabled, or simple person.
Retard, downy, rasberry ripple, dumbass, idiot, spak, spastic, timmy!

pornounced : Beanschhh (like a retard)
by tittytomtom April 19, 2006
1. a very yummy food that come in many different forms
2. food; can result in gross bodily functions normally determined by a female
1. Rich: Did you see that kid in the restaurant? He was walking around throwin' beans at people!
Justin: Really!? What an ass!!
2. Yeah I ate the what!!??
by Pearlallica December 19, 2005

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