A shortening of the phrase ''cool beans''. Beans is much cooler, shorter and easier to shout out loud.
Friend 1 : Hey, I've just found out you're going to be the next ruler of the world!

Friend 2 : BEANS!!!
by Hatstander June 03, 2009
Have you seen him lately? He's huge. He's definitely on the beans.
by chewbacca's cousin July 17, 2008
1.Another term for one dollar bills
1.I just made a shit load of beans last paycheck.
2.Were goin to the club tonight, wanna grab some beans
3.Gimmie another hit of them beans niga
by hjrt June 13, 2007
When a man Cums. His Male ejaculate. Another word for Cum
1. "I gave her some Beans in her Mouth"

2. "Bitch had my Beans in her Face"
by Zeke 1120 August 03, 2006
A woman who loves a man unconditionally and will do anything that he wants...Forever. i.e.-cooking, cleaning, giving head, and sex.
This Beans over here wants to cook me dinner. And I was all like "hells yeah".
by Beanies May 04, 2006
A disabled, or simple person.
Retard, downy, rasberry ripple, dumbass, idiot, spak, spastic, timmy!

pornounced : Beanschhh (like a retard)
by tittytomtom April 19, 2006
Five dollar gold pieces. (Five dollar pieces were about the size of small butterbeans or Lima beans.)
'E's got a pocket full o' beans.
by Bob Prochko September 21, 2005

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