1. A slang term for prescription pills in Pittsburgh.

2. Another term for Ecstacy.
1. Person 1: I'm lookin' for some beans, ya got any?
Person 2: Yeah man, I got some morphine and dilaudid.

2. Those beans gave me a crazy roll last night.
by doc leper March 03, 2010
slang word for the prescription pill oxycontin which is a pain killer- opiate derivitave.
"Give me two 80 beans."
"I was smokin a bean last night and I got so fucked up."
by Torpmaster September 30, 2006
1. a very yummy food that come in many different forms
2. food; can result in gross bodily functions normally determined by a female
1. Rich: Did you see that kid in the restaurant? He was walking around throwin' beans at people!
Justin: Really!? What an ass!!
2. Yeah I ate the beans...so what!!??
by Pearlallica December 19, 2005
The seeds from a pot plant.
I sure got alot of beans in my 1/8th.
by DRAWS311 October 06, 2005
the prescription anxiety medication klonapin
how many beans did you take?
by Franky June 27, 2004
I was playing football and got kicked in the beans
by spltbird November 25, 2002
1. Maybe they actually meant the food. Beans? Actually a type of seed in case you were wondering.

2. Slang, mostly used on the west-coast of America, but also more sparsely throughout the US and Canada to refer to E or other similar party pills.

Initially it was with the intent of being covert while in mixed company, so they wouldn't realize you were talking about drugs, but more recently, As with most words in the 'drug-user-argot' it's become just a slang word, quite widely understood.

2.5) Beans, in this sense, is also used by English and Afrikaans speakers in south-Africa, initially to refer to pills as a whole, prescribed or not, and now to refer to illegal drugs as a whole. Including those that are not taken/found in pill form.

3. A contraction of the phrase "cool beans", which in itself is a variant of the term 'cool'. While cool, in it's slang meaning, is an adjective, adverb and an expletive. " cool beans " and by extension this use of " beans " is solely reserved for the expletive. As a no-meaning addition to a sentence, or used on it's own/in a sentence for emphasis alone.
1. I had beans with sausages and mashed potato for dinner.

2. nah man, drinking takes too long, just pop some beans and lets go!

2.5) all types of Beans can be found in that township. It's really not a safe place to be at night. Sellin' beans and beans is a way of life for some people.



-So you're coming? beans, i'll see you there.


wow, that guy's motorcycle is so beans.
by proof2 June 16, 2010

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