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beany is one of them boys that can tickle your needs, make you feel good just being around them, make you smile like no one's business, make you giggle like a little kid who just got a candy.....basically, overall.....beany is the best!!!! ;p
has anyone seen my 'beany'???? ;p
by bubble spooff February 23, 2005
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Beany is without a doubt the coolest person in the world!!! Words cannot even say
I love beany sooooooooo much.
by peachy February 02, 2005
another word for cool or good.

guy 1) wow look at tht guy hes beany!

guy 2) well indeed he is guy 1
by will-k February 23, 2009
to be unreasonable or crazy
Joe is too beany to hang out with.
by Fowler St March 05, 2008
a fat head. usually owned by someone called Daniel Jackson-French
by danielbeanhead July 14, 2011

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