Another word to describe currency.
"Can i borrow 5 beans?"

"how many beans did that cost?
by LEM - Chino January 17, 2005
A compact cluster of highly specialized knowledge, like the intense flavor of a coffee bean. By extension any person who holds such knowledge.
Jenna, you know everything there is about coffee. You are such a bean!
by HeBrewsCoffee July 04, 2013
a beaner, otherwise known as a mexican.
beans are everywhere in southern California. They come from the state of mexico and are usually identified by a brown skin tone, as well as thin mustaches and baseball hats.
by beanbeaniwantyoursplean February 01, 2014
"Your a bean."
by HS4U December 26, 2009
100 dollas
yo I give you a bean fo that jawn
damn that jawn cost 4 beans?
by southphilly215 September 03, 2009
be-an: basically bean.
Se-an be-an ( seean beean) = sean bean
Im gonna have be-ans on toast.
Baked be-ans
Pronounced beean
by MC kestrel July 29, 2009
Any painkiller that contains codiene or hydrocodone.
I took a few beans earlier and im feeling good.
by dragonfly9132002 February 09, 2011

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