a gender neutral nickname that you can call anyone
person one: hey bean
person two: hi bean i haven't seen you in forever
by beanbaby September 20, 2015
To be a bean is basically to be extremely freaking stupid. We all know a bean.
"Hey guys, look at what this bean said! X

"Did he really just say that stupid crap? Dumb beans these days."
by Salem Wolf July 14, 2015
A politer way to refer to someone as a cunt... Bean can refer to the female reproductive parts as does cunt
That guy is an absolute fucking bean!!!
by Jemmwah September 18, 2015
A bean is someone who is oblivious to everything they hear and see, a bean is someone who pays attention to stuff they want and ignores everything else in life. Also a bean is someone who always says stupid things and makes everyone laugh, because of how stupid they make you feel.
Guy: "that girl is fucked up"
Dylan: "ya, Maria's a bean"
by A bean August 02, 2015
Multiple ecstasy pills, although you rarely heard anybody refer to taking just one as eating a bean. This implies a person will be taking at least two, which used to be common. Another word for ecstasy was rolls.
I'm gonna eat some beans this weekend and have a good time.
by Norenorseman May 21, 2016
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