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Any painkiller that contains codiene or hydrocodone.
I took a few beans earlier and im feeling good.
by dragonfly9132002 February 09, 2011
"Your a bean."
by HS4U December 26, 2009
be-an: basically bean.
Se-an be-an ( seean beean) = sean bean
Im gonna have be-ans on toast.
Baked be-ans
Pronounced beean
by MC kestrel July 29, 2009
1.(interjection) Said in short of "Cool Beans", except when used, it is similar to not caring.

2.A sarcastic form of "Cool Beans".
3.Also used sarcastically in a sentence to emphasize the fact that no one cares.
Kayla "Last weekend i got a puppy and hes so cute! His name i Ruffles an-"
Connor- "Beans."
Jayme "I know how to ride a horse."
Trevor- "Does someone smell Beans?"
by evbee May 21, 2011
slang word for the prescription pill oxycontin which is a pain killer- opiate derivitave.
"Give me two 80 beans."
"I was smokin a bean last night and I got so fucked up."
by Torpmaster September 30, 2006
1. A slang term for prescription pills in Pittsburgh.

2. Another term for Ecstacy.
1. Person 1: I'm lookin' for some beans, ya got any?
Person 2: Yeah man, I got some morphine and dilaudid.

2. Those beans gave me a crazy roll last night.
by doc leper March 03, 2010
100 dollas
yo I give you a bean fo that jawn
damn that jawn cost 4 beans?
by southphilly215 September 03, 2009