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Another word to describe currency.
"Can i borrow 5 beans?"

"how many beans did that cost?
by LEM - Chino January 17, 2005
be-an: basically bean.
Se-an be-an ( seean beean) = sean bean
Im gonna have be-ans on toast.
Baked be-ans
Pronounced beean
by MC kestrel July 29, 2009
"Your a bean."
by HS4U December 26, 2009
1.(interjection) Said in short of "Cool Beans", except when used, it is similar to not caring.

2.A sarcastic form of "Cool Beans".
3.Also used sarcastically in a sentence to emphasize the fact that no one cares.
Kayla "Last weekend i got a puppy and hes so cute! His name i Ruffles an-"
Connor- "Beans."
Jayme "I know how to ride a horse."
Trevor- "Does someone smell Beans?"
by evbee May 21, 2011
slang word for the prescription pill oxycontin which is a pain killer- opiate derivitave.
"Give me two 80 beans."
"I was smokin a bean last night and I got so fucked up."
by Torpmaster September 30, 2006
100 dollas
yo I give you a bean fo that jawn
damn that jawn cost 4 beans?
by southphilly215 September 03, 2009
The seeds from a pot plant.
I sure got alot of beans in my 1/8th.
by DRAWS311 October 06, 2005