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Born from the coolest parents. They have been together through thick and thin, and they made it stronger with this name.. Cute and Fun. Totally in love with cars. He's the perfect boyfriend. Tall with killer eyes, and sold with the heart of gold. You'll never forget this sweetheart or his family.
Bentley, Bentley, Bentley.. Young and inlove.
#bentley bently #bentley #bentely #benny #beantly #beantley
by highschoolsweetheart May 16, 2011
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A British top-end luxury car manufacturer. Current models include the Arnage, Azure, Continental T, Continental R, and the new Continental GT. Bentley is now owned by Volkswagen AG.
The Bentley Arnage starts at $250,000, the Continentals cost $300,000, and the Azure costs $350,000. The Continental GT, however, will probably cost less than $200,000.
by EJL December 18, 2003
the greatest bar in the world (if the world is college park, md) despite the constant smell of vomit in this place it is the only safe haven from all the guido-jersey-faggots that inhabit the majority of the great state school of UMD
thank god we were at bentley's last night my friend got hair product on her from the jersey kids dancing next to her at cornerstone
#bentley's #college park #umd #jersey #cornerstone
by dj sizzahandz January 21, 2008

awesome and hot, usually does drugs.
Plays guitar, sings and writes music.

he'll make your panties drop.
Bentley.... I'm in love with Bentley
by PrincessPeanut January 11, 2016
a guy who lies to every girl he dates,

just to break her heart into pieces and have her come back to him
Girl 1: dang he's hot!
Girl 2: i know him. I'm warning you now. He's a Bentley!
#loser #user #womanizer #cheater #airhead
by Princessweetah June 14, 2011
Adjective meaning awesome or hot, sometimes used in reference to drugs
"Oh man, this shit's Bentley!"
#bentley #cool #awesome #stig #luxury
by Stiggitty March 10, 2006
a bent joint or cigarette resulting from neglect or misuse of owner
guy one: hey man can i get a cig from ya
guy two: man all i got is this bentley bra
#pot #cigs #reefer #joint #blunt
by FONZWORTH FATSTAX March 10, 2009
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