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To describe Boston, Mass. A popular city where adidas sneakers a worn.
Yo where u from? The Bean
by ShonHood May 11, 2006
The coolest thing you will ever see in Chicago. The Bean is a large reflective metal bean that is placed randomly in Chicago. Taking pictures of this results in a mirrored shot.
Person 1: Man look its The Bean!

Person 2: The Bean is the bomb! Lets take pictures of it!

Person 3: YEAH!BEAN!
by Enigma Pie April 30, 2006
Noun: A fish. A scaly swimming organism that smells peculiar.
1)He swam like a Thebean.
2)He smelt like a Thebean.
3)I like Thebean and Chips.
by sdgihsdkghdshj May 08, 2005
A stupid fihsy swimming in a sea of stinky fish. He really shud have a shower thinky fish and allow eating so much fish u stupid fish. lol. o yea 3 inch chody. l0l
wats the smell?
its t-bean, cme here little fishy.
by Mr Mystery May 08, 2005
that little area. you know, that little ball area, near the clittoris. You know what I mean. Under the skin flap. the man in the boat...
He found The Bean and I found the stairway to heaven
by Jen May 14, 2003
Derived from the latin word 'le beane' meaning a mighty peepee where holder suffers from lower back pain and high blood pressure due to excreting bean juice. Bean juice is high in calcium and many women find that it helps heal world hunger. see 'Bean Aid - the concert' staring Bean Geldoff singing "we are the bean"
" I woke up this morning and battered the bean and sprayed bean juice in shazza's mouth"
"shazza loves bean juice"
by anfoni January 25, 2005
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