Being high.
Originated in young Ealing at a less than mediocre house party with some homies

Stoner 1 : man I'm sooo beans

Stoner 2 : *chuckles*
by White Troy March 01, 2014
Nickname for a friend,whose penis is small, discovering this of course through none homosexual experience
Guy 1 "Bro Kelly went blow joe last night, and started cracking up after she saw his dick"
Guy 2 " fucking bean always scaring the chicks away"
by Sircookealot May 18, 2014
To have sex with someone, to give them the beans.
I'm gonna give Gemma the beans on Saturday.
by Badger January 29, 2004
I've got forty beans/It cost me forty beans
by Soledad July 23, 2003
Bean is an insult used to describe someone who is being silly or annoying
Mark, could you stop being a bean
by Fuzew May 09, 2015
1. Pills primarily containing MDMA; known more commonly as Es or ecstasy pills.

2. A New York rapper-producer who makes unusual underground hip-hop with IDM-influenced electronic beats.

3. Large plant seeds commonly eaten by humans. The most famous example being baked beans.
1. I can get you some beans, but it'll be £5 per pill.

2. Beans has worked with such diverse acts as DJ Shadow, Prefuse 73, Holy Fuck, Ratatat and Alec Empire.

3. Oh shit I've got the munchies, let's make some beans on toast ASAP!
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009
Another word to describe currency.
"Can i borrow 5 beans?"

"how many beans did that cost?
by LEM - Chino January 17, 2005

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