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umm sex in public places, thrill of getting caught, bj's on the freeway kinda thing
Johnny fucked sally on the hood of the car on the free way in the middle of rushour
by Franky September 17, 2003
the african-american 'book of the dead'
Man...Jaheim opened the Negronomican and some weird shit started happening.
by Franky February 17, 2004
A gaming magazine that thinks it is the greatest thing ever, when, in reality, it is plain average. Costs £4 and the reviews often make little sense, and fail to explain to the readers time and time again why in the letters pages. Also has a 30 page Retro section, the only good part of the magazine.
GamesTM is a bit too cocky.
by Franky December 30, 2004
1. A homeless wardriver, hacker, or computer expert.
2. A computer made from old spare parts in such a crappy way that it nearly explodes when turned on.
1. That d0ppy should get a job.
2. My can't get my d0ppy to boot.
by Franky March 11, 2005
The act of sliding ones penis in between another persons thighs, in the hope of reaching climax.
Convict 1:"Do you want it in the ass?"

Convict 2:"No, I would rather you slick fuck me."
by Franky May 06, 2003
a person who is very intelligent, charming, sexy, hot, ...
Hey that boy is a real jellepie !!
by franky March 25, 2003
a lazy way of saying faggot
ill knock u vuggin vagguds the vug out!
by Franky June 05, 2003

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