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big black cock ---- BBC
yo u know that kid dave yeaa he has got a massive BBC
by JNESH January 23, 2008
418 348
A Broadcasting company that people asume to be anti-american because it does not glorify Bush and tells the truth about the war.
People are always dissin the bbc, but why is it so popular?
by Mags July 29, 2003
905 840
1.Big Black Cock(the meaning of this is obvious)

2.British Brodcasting Company(A famous tv and radio station in Britian)

3.Billionaire Boys Club(A clothing company created by the creator of Bathing Apes,Nigo)
It's weird how one abbreviation means three completley different things. BBC is a weird thing.
by T_Skater_Rebel April 03, 2010
151 110
BBC= Bitches/Bitch Be Crazy

Pretty self explanatory. If a bitch is acting up, bitch be crazy!
No need for an explanation. Definition says it all!

by kannann August 15, 2009
321 296
Big Black Cock
Black penis or shlong.
Usually has a black person attached
Look at that B.B.C its huge!!
by kaitdes March 02, 2008
37 17
"Block B Club" The name of BlockB's fandom (k-pop boyband), given by ChoPD who didn't really had in mind the other possible meanings for the acronym.
But BBCs are proud BBCs.
Of the BBC For the BBC By the BBC.
by saralstick October 24, 2013
13 4
A universal term that stands for Bitches Be Crazy or Bastards Be Crazy that is used for describing crazy moments we encounter with men or women.
First case
Girl: Do you think I'm fat?
Guy: No, you're fine the way you are.
Girl: Why do you always have to lie in my face!
Guy: BBC!

Second case
Guy: Hey, its me from last night, I called you a couple of times but nobody answered so I left a message
Girl: Oh, I stopped listening after the first 5 messages

Guy: Want to hook up tonight?
Guy: Hello? Can you hear me? I know where you live!
by bbcrazy September 06, 2011
16 12