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1. More than Awesome.
2. An excessive exclamation.
3. Simply awesome.

Remember to use all caps and the exclamation point when you use the word.
SWEEKS! It's what's for dinner!
by ~ March 17, 2005
1 broadcast the most boring shows 24/7
2 only employ people with PROPER english, who tries to be very professional, and failing miserably.
3 11 out of 10 viewers tends to look for a gun to shoot at the screen when they switch to the channel
4 did i mention boring?!
if you switch to the bbc, i'll shoot you instead
by ~ March 06, 2004
Hardcore chick gamer.
She went all Pissed Off Chick on your ass.
by ~ July 19, 2003
An open-faced, two palm slap of one's own ass.
by ~ May 28, 2004
A phrase uttered when a person believed that they have said a particularly funny phrase.
Aztaroth said, "I'm thinking of something small and hard." Krytos replied, "Your penis. LO!L SNAP OWNED!"
by ~ May 27, 2003
Cutest thing on two wheels.
"I was lookin' pimp, she was lookin' SilverHeartz"
by ~ October 12, 2003
someone who thinks their gangsta, usually white, n thinks their hot cuz they can ride by in an old car playin ja rules CD
Ja Rule or ridin down a black street in a white car
by ~ April 10, 2003

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