*British Broadcasting Corporation.

*Breach, Bang, Clear; a technique used often by Navy SEAL's, used for clearing a room. The process goes like this:
1.)approach the targetted door and stand by until the group arrives and await the order.
2.)open the door to peep-sight and, when given the order, chuck a flashbang in.
3.)after the explosion, receive the go-code and then enter the room, eliminating any hostile blinded from the flashbang, and then ensure that the room is cleared of enemy hostilities.
"BBC time!"
-a SEAL prepping for the BBC technique.
by Dave March 31, 2004
1. Bitches be crazy. Girls these days are dumb bitches. This phrase eliminates wasted time describing them.

2. Can be used as a pronoun instead of using a girl or group of girls' actual names.
1. Johnnee: Why doesn't this dumb bitch stop texting me. I gave her my number cuz I felt bad, and I never responded to her shit.

Chris: BBC, man.

2. a) Look at those BBCs over there. They could totally get it.

b) Are there gonna be BBCs there tonight?

c) That BBC wanted to suck me off so bad that she kept rubbing her stomach and saying "Feed me! Feed me!"
by JohnneeNChris October 18, 2011
As well as being a pretty shit bristish television station, BBC is also an acronym for;




It is used to describe a situation in which a woman (Bitch) has done something incomprehensible or unfair. A woman who is one day mad at you for being too sensitive and emotional and then the next minute is mad at you for being a closed book. A woman who asks you what you would like to eat and then spends the next 10mins telling you how much she hates your choice in food, you in general and everything and anything related or unrelated untill she breaks down in tears and demands a "break"

It basically describes any girl ever!
Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girl just asked me why I don't love her body anymore, even though I spent all of last night complimenting her fine ass!"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"


Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girlfreind doesn't like me looking at her toes because she thinks they are ugly and if i do, i don't get to smack that poon all night!"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"


Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girl always talks about her ex like he was the fucking king! Even though his broke ass used to beat her and never let her go out?!"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"


Guy 1 "Yo bromie, my girl loves that gay vampire from Twilight?"

Guy 2 "Yeah dude, BBC!"
by mikeyb2thagg November 24, 2010
Bitches Be Crazy..its a term all guys should know and follow. Even when you found a girl u think is perfect and may love. No matter what they are all fuckin crazy.
by Magic eightball April 20, 2009
Badd Bitch Committee
It's the Bbc girls!
by MissNeet November 25, 2010
BBC stands for British Born Chinese. A chinese person who is born in the UK. This person would have a British passport also English would be his/her main language.
person 1: What nationality are you?
BBC: I'm a BBC, British Born Chinese
by Lama16 May 22, 2006
big black chick
"Hey Scott, check out Shaniqua's ass."

"For the last time, I don't like BBCs!"
by Alex Post July 10, 2008
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