it's an acryonomn that stands for Boss Bitch Clique (pg version: Beautiful Bossy Chicks), which is a group of beautiful, intelligent and ambitious women.
Every woman should want to be apart of BBC.
by shaquanta August 01, 2014
(n.) bald by choice; one who chooses to be bald, as opposed to one who is merely losing his hair
Joe shaves his head every morning because he is a BBC.
by Blondie92 June 09, 2012
The British Broadcasting Corporation - one of the most powerful organisations in the British, and perhaps, world media. A completely public service, funded by (or some would say scrounging like a bunch of dirty tramps off) the TV licence payer. At the moment, under great public scrutiny due to its seemingly biased coverage of the Iraq war, the Royal Family and perhaps everything else.

However, it will return to its former glories when the legendary, god-like deity known as Andi Peters becomes Director General. "Oo-er, Edd the Duck! Don't do that!"
BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC5, BBC6, BBC7, BBC... HEAVEN! (Austin Powers)
by Dan Sullivan May 19, 2005
Doubles as Big Black Cock, and in the case of Caucasian males, a Big Beefy Cock.
Friend: "Damn man, that bitch is fine. Do you know her?"

You: "Not yet. But I know she needs a BBC."
by 21man August 07, 2008
Bitches Be Crazy - pretty much all times when women are irrational
So my wife came home the other day, and since she had a lot of traffic, I didnt get a home cooked meal, BBC.

I tried to explain to my female friend that you cant just yell at a store clerk cause they look at you wrong, she didnt get it, BBC.
by WeAreJerks April 30, 2013
Busy buggering children
Savile and friends are BBC
by Taxpayer1982 January 12, 2013
Bitches Be Crazy... Need I say anymore
GUY "Man I can't believe that chick just did that in front of everyone"

FRIEND "you know BBC"
by variakins July 24, 2012

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