Big Black Cock
Black penis or shlong.
Usually has a black person attached
Look at that B.B.C its huge!!
by kaitdes March 02, 2008
Bitches Be Crazy.
Dustin: I bought my girl a necklace for her birthday. She found it beforehand, thought I was cheating, and burned all my clothes.
Scott: Man....BBC.
by TruthSlayer442 March 03, 2015
Bitches Be Crazy

The phrase 'bitches be crazy' has now been shortened to BBC for your use and accessibility. That time when you can't put your finger one what exactly it is about that girl. BBC.

Originally coined in a situation where a man dated a woman and then she vanished and stopped calling, etc, only for the man to find out via facebook a week later she just entered a relationship. BBC.

In a bad roommate situation and your friends ask what happened and what went wrong, the only reply you need? BBC. Bitches be crazy.

The first letter can also be altered to each situation, i.e. GBC - gingers be crazy.
"She's really hot, but, damn... BBC."

"Things were going really great until GBC."
by lmz87 August 22, 2011
Bitches Be Crazy - B.B.C.

A shortened version of bitches be crazy, as used in various movies such as The Heartbreak Kid.
Mike: " dude why is your girl so mad?"
John" i dont know man, B.B.C."

Charles" hey girl"
Girl:" dont talk to me"
Charles:" what the hell? B.B.C"
by T-BRUCE April 16, 2011
Doubles as Big Black Cock, and in the case of Caucasian males, a Big Beefy Cock.
Friend: "Damn man, that bitch is fine. Do you know her?"

You: "Not yet. But I know she needs a BBC."
by 21man August 07, 2008
Bitches Be Crazy!
you wake up one morning after a long night of partying with a ton of crazy women and you say B.B.C.

Or on the other hand this could describe girls being bitchy, crazy, or anything in general...B.B.C.
by Makeshiftace February 25, 2009
it's an acryonomn that stands for Boss Bitch Clique (pg version: Beautiful Bossy Chicks), which is a group of beautiful, intelligent and ambitious women.
Every woman should want to be apart of BBC.
by shaquanta August 01, 2014

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