Bitches be Crazy
Charles: (wakes up with symmetrical hickies on his neck from a night out)
Dave: bbc.

Charles: I didn't make out with her, she attacked my face with her mouth.
Dave: bbc.

Dave: why did she stop talking to you?
Charles: because I slept with her friend.
Dave: I don't follow
Charles: neither do I, bbc
by davez0rpance January 31, 2011
Bitches Be Crazy. As in ALL Bitches Be Crazy! Also see BAS.
Kyle: Dude Jacky went off on me last night and started trowing shit all over!
Anthony: BBC!
by Death Trap July 11, 2010
it's an acryonomn that stands for Boss Bitch Clique (pg version: Beautiful Bossy Chicks), which is a group of beautiful, intelligent and ambitious women.
Every woman should want to be apart of BBC.
by shaquanta August 01, 2014
Stands for Being a Bitch Condition.

This word is mainly targeted towards people that are total pussies and can't take pain.
Man, should I get this papercut checked out?

No... you'll be fine, but you might need to check if you have BBC.

BBC? What's that?

Being a Bitch Condition
by toools80 October 23, 2010
"Block B Club" The name of BlockB's fandom (k-pop boyband), given by ChoPD who didn't really had in mind the other possible meanings for the acronym.
But BBCs are proud BBCs.
Of the BBC For the BBC By the BBC.
by saralstick October 24, 2013
A Broadcasting company that people asume to be anti-american because it does not glorify Bush and tells the truth about the war.
People are always dissin the bbc, but why is it so popular?
by Mags July 29, 2003
*British Broadcasting Corporation.

*Breach, Bang, Clear; a technique used often by Navy SEAL's, used for clearing a room. The process goes like this:
1.)approach the targetted door and stand by until the group arrives and await the order.
2.)open the door to peep-sight and, when given the order, chuck a flashbang in.
3.)after the explosion, receive the go-code and then enter the room, eliminating any hostile blinded from the flashbang, and then ensure that the room is cleared of enemy hostilities.
"BBC time!"
-a SEAL prepping for the BBC technique.
by Dave March 31, 2004
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