Bitches Be Crazy!
you wake up one morning after a long night of partying with a ton of crazy women and you say B.B.C.

Or on the other hand this could describe girls being bitchy, crazy, or anything in general...B.B.C.
by Makeshiftace February 25, 2009
BBC stands for British Born Chinese. A chinese person who is born in the UK. This person would have a British passport also English would be his/her main language.
person 1: What nationality are you?
BBC: I'm a BBC, British Born Chinese
by Lama16 May 22, 2006
1. Bitches be crazy. Girls these days are dumb bitches. This phrase eliminates wasted time describing them.

2. Can be used as a pronoun instead of using a girl or group of girls' actual names.
1. Johnnee: Why doesn't this dumb bitch stop texting me. I gave her my number cuz I felt bad, and I never responded to her shit.

Chris: BBC, man.

2. a) Look at those BBCs over there. They could totally get it.

b) Are there gonna be BBCs there tonight?

c) That BBC wanted to suck me off so bad that she kept rubbing her stomach and saying "Feed me! Feed me!"
by JohnneeNChris October 18, 2011
Big black cock.

A long piece of meat found in Doug Rutherfords pants.
Holy shit! Doug Rutherford has a big cock!

Ya he does .. Thats one beautiful bbc
by Ass mcfly July 02, 2011
Bitches be Crazy
Charles: (wakes up with symmetrical hickies on his neck from a night out)
Dave: bbc.

Charles: I didn't make out with her, she attacked my face with her mouth.
Dave: bbc.

Dave: why did she stop talking to you?
Charles: because I slept with her friend.
Dave: I don't follow
Charles: neither do I, bbc
by davez0rpance January 31, 2011
One who broadcasts their opinions too often.
We call her "BBC" cause she never shuts up.
by Damus July 21, 2010
Billionaire Boy's Club
Wear can I get one of Pharrell's BBC shirts?
by whatever August 22, 2003

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