BBC stands for "Bitches Be Crazy". Can be used whenever a bitch is acting fucking stupid. Can be used by a male or female in regards to any female acting out of line.
"dude, i forgot my anniversary, and my girl went BBC"


*girl gets really drunk*
*girl starts talking shit about everybody*
*catfights break out*
random guys watching: "Dude..BBC."
by cpp b18c1 June 14, 2009
Acronym for "Bitter Bitch Coalition."
Elizabeth and Diana are definitely renewing their BBC. membership this year.
by Apple Turnover March 03, 2008
also know as the Big Bertha Club...Rebbeca Moiza is the fat founder..she is also a rat...peace
dude are you going to the BBC tonight
nah girl i aint fat no more
by aLi and cYnThiA February 21, 2008
Bad Bitch(es) Crew - A group of friends/girls that are all good looking or hot by any means. Everyone wants to be around or associated with them and they always get invited or escorted to tables in clubs with no questions asked.
Look at that BBC over there getting all the attention from everyone here. Let's go try and join them!
by hblady January 09, 2015
British Broadcasting Corporation. A non-profit making, publically funded TV corporation in the UK. Is run according to public service guidelines. Known for its quality sports, documentary and news coverage. Considered by many to be overly liberal and have a pro-Arab, anti-US/Israel slant in its news reporting.
Apart from the lousy BBC World, the BBC is the world's foremost broadcaster of quality TV/Radio.
by Travelled June 01, 2004
British Broadcasting Corporation

1) A group of people who tax the nation for their income.
2) Anything goes in their IRC channels, however you cannot connect to them outside their site.
3) People who are obsessed with 'dossier sex'.
4) Great TV programs.
by Soiled Undergarment August 14, 2003
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