It's short for Bitch Ass Trick.
I gonna slap that B.A.T.
by K spec September 12, 2005
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a small pipe that only holds a tiny amount of marijuana, only enough for one hit, it's shaped like a ciggerette and is about as long as a ciggerette as well. most bats come with a dug-out as a set, and are usually stored inside the dug-out for convenience
You wanna take a rip off the bat?
All I have is a bat, and dug-out.
Lets smoke the kief with the bat.
by the_infinitesimal October 14, 2004
to whack off, masturbate, choke the chicken, squeeze the tomato and so on.
guidance counciler - "where do you plan to be in 5 years?"
chris - "having a bat"
by masafu June 20, 2004
A crabby, sarcastic old woman.
What are you talking about, you crazy old bat?
by stupidass5000 August 04, 2008
Acronym, short for Big Ass Titties.
Damn, son, dem's some BATs!
by Ron Williams May 26, 2005
1)A bat is not a rat with wings or a rodent , they are mamals of the order Chiroptera, and are highly intelligent. They are the only mammal that can fly. There are only two types of 'vampire bats' that acually suck blood and they live in South America(mostly).
2)a club used for hitting a ball in various games
3)strike with, or as if with a baseball bat
1)Bats are really cute!!
2)I droped the bat on my toe and it really hurt!
3)Coach:Hey jimmy bat the ball
Jimmy: No shit sherlock
by prede June 25, 2006
1. Australian Slang: Means to masterbate.

2. A club shaped object usually used in sports and made of wood.
1. Andy went home for a shit, shave, shower and bat

2. I stuck a baseball bat through the window of the cunts car.
by Pariahzero June 01, 2009
Acronym for Big Ass Titties.
Generally referring to a girl with large breasts.
Holy shit man, look at those BAT.
Yeah dude, I totally wanna rub my p33n0r on those BAT!
by D-Wali June 03, 2007
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