it means a bitch or an annoying person.
Quit being at bat.
Girl you being a bat right now.
#bitch #annoying #loud #obnoxious #nuscense
by ATWS June 28, 2014
Jamaican slang for a homosexual
dat bwoy is a bloodclot bats!
#gay #homosexual #queer #faggot #batty boy
by jamaicanlingo June 14, 2011
acronym for Bitch-a-Teers, group of women tired of men's bull shit and drama; somewhat like the Musk-a-teers only far cooler and known by a much smaller audience.
Those BATs don't play. They stick together and will fuck you up!
#bitch #woman #group #club #organization
by originalbat March 01, 2011
-acronym for "Bitches Are Trifling"
-a mantra used by many man and by other haters of the fact that bitches can be trifling
"Dude, this girl I've been dating is completely blowing me off. What gives??"
"I'm sorry to hear that, buddy. That's why I say B.A.T."
#bitches #bitch #trifling #slut #whore #cunt
by bornofdesire32 October 07, 2007
"bat", a shortened title for the notorious "REEVY BAT" while used as a name may also be used to describe something bad (ie. "aw shite" - "aw bats"). This is due to the fact THE REEVY BAT is a bit of a wank. There are a number of reasons for this. THE REEVY BAT enjoys dogging, donner and dissing his da, Donald.
It is necessary to look at other words to fully understand the definition of "bat". The term "bat" is infact closely linked to lout however the main difference being that bats have a built in mechanism for warding off dogging inspectors.
THE REEVY BAT has also been known to share characteristics with the flying mammal bat, most noticeably wings and the instinct to hunt for prey. For THE REEVY BAT though the prey usually is donner and the hunt involves merely looking for the phone to order a delivery.
"what a big bat"
"are you the bat?"
"is that the bat?!"
"don't be a bat"
"aw, bats"
by John Gill January 20, 2005
coined by The Joker, Bats is a nickname for Batman, also known as The Dark Night, The Caped Crusader, and Bruce Wayne.
Bats what are you doing here? Are you here to foil my evil plans again?
by james June 09, 2004
big ass tits
That girl had some bats. If she went running she would poke her eyes out.
by brent November 21, 2003
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