it means a bitch or an annoying person.
Quit being at bat.
Girl you being a bat right now.
by ATWS June 28, 2014
Basic ass Bitch
That Hoe A Bat
by LuxuryBoy February 13, 2014
Acronym for Big Ass Turd
"Dude i just dropped a BAT! "
"Must have been all that Krystal from last night"

"Im locking my door so you dont use my bathroom.. the other day i came home and there was a fucking clogged BAT in there and i nearly puked"
by daniac March 08, 2012
Jamaican slang for a homosexual
dat bwoy is a bloodclot bats!
by jamaicanlingo June 14, 2011
acronym for Bitch-a-Teers, group of women tired of men's bull shit and drama; somewhat like the Musk-a-teers only far cooler and known by a much smaller audience.
Those BATs don't play. They stick together and will fuck you up!
by originalbat March 01, 2011
To masterbate.
She walked in me having a good old bat
by KYRA OMG! November 05, 2010
-acronym for "Bitches Are Trifling"
-a mantra used by many man and by other haters of the fact that bitches can be trifling
"Dude, this girl I've been dating is completely blowing me off. What gives??"
"I'm sorry to hear that, buddy. That's why I say B.A.T."
by bornofdesire32 October 07, 2007

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