Big Ass Titties. An acronym used to describe large, bouncy, voluptuous, milk-filled, mouth-watering, motor-boating, bitching breasts on a female.

Often uttered to express approval of a woman's breasts to another person without saying the full expression as to avoid confrontation, contemptuous looks, and/or possible sexual harassment allegations.
Bro 1: Dude, check out the bats at 3 o'clock.
Bro 2: I'd suck on those bats like my 4 year old brother on my mother's tits.
by acslater69 January 08, 2011
big ass titties: usually refers to a friends mom that has Voluptuous titties that you wish to caress and titty fuck endlessly
a friends mom that qualifies as a milf and a woman with great big titties
by boss February 13, 2005
i saw her butt, it was aiight. then she turned around and showed me them BATS!!, i was like daaayyyuuumm
by quiznos JEFFRO April 19, 2004
wank, Masturbate
Your sister makes the best batting partner
by Cumandsuck October 09, 2011
"Big Ass Tits"
Breasts that are enormously large, but on a body that is not
Mike's girlfriend has B.A.T.s, but she's skinny as hell
by Jackal November 24, 2003
The abbreviation of Big Ass Tits. A woman may be described as a B.A.T. if she has extraordinarily large breasts.
Alex: Dude do you see that B.A.T. over there?

Ryan: Damn dude I'd tap that
by Adrr1 November 14, 2009
It's short for Bitch Ass Trick.
I gonna slap that B.A.T.
by K spec September 12, 2005

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