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Ugh. I thought that dude on Grindr was fucking hot until I clicked on his profile. Totally B.A.T.
by pan man April 15, 2015
The abbreviation of Big Ass Tits. A woman may be described as a B.A.T. if she has extraordinarily large breasts.
Alex: Dude do you see that B.A.T. over there?

Ryan: Damn dude I'd tap that
by Adrr1 November 14, 2009
Huge cone, at least 3 papers (or 1 blunt paper) blunts.
Fuck spliff's lets smoke these bats!
by techart August 24, 2006
Slang originating in the US Virgin Islands which means a hoe, slut, or whore.
You see that girl over there talking to the basketball team? She's a bat. I heard the football team ran a train on her last week or so.
by ThaGuyWonder December 04, 2014
A derogatory term used to describe women. The acronym or abbreviation means Bitch Ass Twat. BATs are annoying women who do the stupidest things in life like think they are the bosses when they are the underlings in a work situation.
The BAT didn't understand that when she bothered Alyssa, she was supposed mind her own business and concentrate on her own job.
by tenacity January 19, 2013
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